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INTEX cartridge filter system type OPTIMO 9500, 28634

The strongest quality cartridge filter system, model 634T, for all INTEX pools with a circulation capacity of 9,462 l / h, the connection is 230V / 360 W. Type B is used as a filter cartridge, can be connected all INTEX pools with a hose connection O 38 mm / 2 "AG. 2 swimming pool hoses with a length of 1.50 m, O 38 mm / 2" AG for INTEX pools are included (delivery without connection fittings). The filter system can be used up to a maximum water temperature of 35 ° C.

Strongest INTEX cartridge filter system with more than 9 m3 / h output
Including original filter cartridge type B
Including timer
Including 2 connection hoses O 38 mm with 2 "


At INTEX, security is very important. A protective grille at the beginning of the suction channel not only protects the pump from coarse dirt particles, but also eliminates the risk of injury from reaching in with the pump running.

Easy handling

The large filter pump cover is on the top. By turning it slightly counterclockwise, it opens. The filter cartridge in the pump housing can now be removed and cleaned quickly. For a crystal-clear pool water, clean and replace the cartridge at regular intervals. An exchange cycle of 4 weeks is recommended.

Vent valve

The prerequisite for a functioning filter system is that there is no air in the system. This is easily and effectively solved at INTEX. With the system switched off, open the vent valve until all the air has escaped and water flows out, close it, done. It couldn't be faster.

Drain valve

The drain valve on the side is used for easy drainage without much effort at the end of the season. The cartridge filter system should be stored in a dry and frost-free room.

Integrated timer

A lot of fun and little work is standard here too. With the integrated timer, it is possible to easily set the daily filter cycle. With the selector switch on the side, the cartridge filter system can be operated either OFF, continuous operation or with the easy-to-use timer.

X-large filter cartridge

INTEX DACRON filter cartridges filter any contamination from your water that comes into the cartridge when the filter pump is sucked in. Size, filter fineness and an optimally coordinated filter system are decisive for a crystal-clear pool experience. INTEX already offers these advantages in its basic configuration.


Water flow 8 - 10 m 3 / hour
Filter system for pools up to (m 3 ) up to 10 m 3
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