Product Overview

ECO 604G cartridge filter from INTEX delivers crystal clear water and a very good filter result. This system, model 604G, has a pump capacity of 2,271 l / h, the connection is 230 / 12V / 55 W. Type A is used as a filter cartridge, all standard above-ground pools can be connected with a hose connection of 32 mm diameter. 2 swimming pool hoses with a length of 1.50 m, 32 mm diameter including hose clamps, 2 bushings, 1 suction grille and an inlet nozzle for INTEX pools are included. The filter system can be used up to a maximum water temperature of 35 ° C.


EAN 6941057404172
Manufacturer No. 128604GS
additional information Quality product from INTEX that has been tried and tested millions of times; including original filter cartridge; Complete connection accessories for INTEX pools with Ø 32 mm hose connection; including 2 connecting pants


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