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The deep well pump 5500/5 inox by Gardena is suitable for drilling and impact wells with narrow pipe diameters of 10 cm. The water can be pumped from a depth of up to 19 meters. The housing of the deep well pump 5500/5 inox is made of stainless steel, as is the integrated filter. Furthermore, a stand can be attached which significantly reduces the suction of dirt and sand. The maintenance-free capacitor motor of the Premium deep well pump 5500/5 inox is equipped with a thermal protection switch that protects it from overload. The six-stage pump drive works efficiently and quietly and the 22 meter long connection cable of the deep well pump 5500/5 inox with a supplied fastening rope enables quick and easy installation.


Full details
Type Submersible / pressure pump
color inox / black
EAN 4078500148900
Manufacturer No. 01489-20
Pump type Irrigation pump
Usage For garden irrigation / service water supply from narrow (deep) wells
Operating mode Mains connection
power Input power: 850 watts
Length of power cord 22 meters
Delivery rate pressure 4.5 bar
  Delivery rate 5,500 liters / hour (1.52 liters per second)
  Head 45 meters
connections Water outlets 1 piece
Submersible pump Immersion depth max. 19 meters
Delivery temperature max. 35 ° C
Pumps drive 6-stage
safety Protection class IP X8, thermal protection switch
Further information Pump diameter 9.8cm
Weight 7.5 kg


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