Product Overview

The powerful and very effective Flowclear 58515 sand filter system from Bestway with a durable, long-term corrosion-resistant filter tank filters approx. 3.028 Lt/H. The filter pump has a 6-way valve, a 360 ° swiveling upper handle for easy one-hand lever operation, an easy-to-read pressure display, a strainer for separating leaves and coarse dirt, easy access, and is available for almost all common pools 32mm (1.25 ") threaded hose connection and 1,100 - 16,000 liters capacity. It also offers an integrated ChemConnect dispenser for controlled chlorine addition for maintenance and care of the pool water. The Flowclear 58515 can be used with normal filter quartz sand or with the highly efficient Polysphere filter balls are operated.

Detailed details
Filter type External filter
colour Gray
EAN 6942138967043
Manufacturer No. 58515
Suitable for Pools
Pool size up to 16,000 liters
pump Circulation performance 2.006 l / h
  power 85 watts
connections Art Outside thread
  size 32mm (1.25 "), 32mm (1.25")
Filter material suitable Sand, filter balls
  Filling quantity required sand 8.5 kg
  recommended grain size (sand) from 0.45 mm to 0.85 mm
Furnishing Prefilter, manometer
additional Information Pump with residual current device
dimension Width: 326 mm x height: 703 mm x depth: 323 mm
Weight 8.2 kg


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